This is the first entry of a series of posts I would like to start; every week, I will write about and review the 5 best songs that I heard the week before.
Every song I will review is accessible on Soundcloud, and I will also provide a link for the song so feel free to listen.



This song really surprised me. I love Young Thug’s music, but I don’t know why I had a gut feeling that this song wouldn’t be great. Oh, how I was wrong. Although the song started in a way I didn’t like, with Young Thug bringing out his ‘growl’, the song quickly improved. Thug went back to his normal self, and rapped like the Thugger we all know and love. I felt a bit stupid listening to the song, because my preconceptions about the song were so wrong.

However, I must note how Meek Mill completely spun the track. I’m not the biggest Meek Mill fan, but I know that there are not a lot better than him in the game right now. His fast paced and aggressive verse, which faded into another Thug verse, perfectly went with the beat, and set the tone for an impressive song. The video to the song is also very impressive, as expected with a Young Thug tune, and this song deserves its place at number 5.

Check it out here:



This banger had me mean mugging from the first second, as the beat drops immediately. Gunna is one of my favourite artists, simply due to his ability to utilise his several flows effortlessly on all sorts of beats, and this song did not disappoint. Gunna did what I expected: using his impeccable flow and boastful bars to ride the beat perfectly. His change of flow in the middle of his verse spun me, and caught me so off guard; the man literally has about 5 different flows. Admittedly, I am not very familiar with much of Moneybagg Yo’s work, so I was not sure of what to expect before he came into the track. I had heard one song of his previously, Days n Nites ft Quavo, which is a very good track and should be checked out too. In my opinion, his verse in Vibes in LA tops his verse in Day n Nites, as I feel he had better chemistry and compatibility with Gunna’s vocals, rather than Quavo’s.

The production of the beat, the confident and pompous bars being spat, and chemistry of the two artists on the track made me greatly enjoy this track, and this is why I put it at number 4.

Listen to it here:




This slow and sensual song is definitely one of the better tracks I’ve heard in the past couple weeks. It is part of the short EP that singer Syd Bennett released last week, and stuck out to me as the best track of the piece. I am a great fan of songs that have a ‘/’ because it means I can look forward to hearing two bangers in one, and Syd definitely did not disappoint.

Her beautiful and soft vocals on the song dance on the beat, and the song is so easy on the ear, that it is almost as if she’s not even trying. Most people know Syd for her brilliant work as part of the Internet, but the last two pieces of work she has released have been solo ventures. Her album, Fin, is a wonderful album, and she definitely followed up well with this EP. This is a really great song, and deserves to come in at number 3.

Listen to it here: (you have to have SoundCloud Go to listen to full version unfortunately)




rachel foxx.png

Groovy. Rachel Foxx really outdid herself with this song, and I had the privilege of seeing her perform this live last Wednesday at a jazz bar in Dalston. The song sounded even better live, which shows the real quality of it.

In this song, we see a softer side to Rachel Foxx’s powerful vocals, as she slowly harmonises on this funky sounding beat, and it sounded brilliant. I reckon this is the sort of song that you listen to when you’re deep into a situation you shouldn’t be in, and you’re just deeping life and how crazy it is. I don’t know…that’s what I thought at least.

This disco hit has definitely been one of the better tunes I heard last week, and I recommend everyone to listen to it.

Check it out here:




Nostalgia. The best song I heard last week was the Weeknd’s remix of the R Kelly track, ‘Down Low’. Not only was it nostalgic because of the original song being a classic, but it also brought back memories of the old Weeknd. The underground Weeknd. The drug-fuelled Weeknd.

Listening to the song actually made me think it was a re-release, because it honestly sounded like a Weeknd song that would’ve come out in 2013 or 2014. It is 5 minutes, 18 seconds of just pure, good music. I understand that as a musician grows in stature, they must constantly change their sound and this can inadvertently lead to having a mainstream sound, but hearing this Weeknd almost made me delete Starboy off my phone, because the majority of it just pales in comparison to his old stuff.

The vocals on the song are as expected of the Weeknd; the effortless reaching of high notes has become his trademark. This song was great to listen to, and I hope the Weeknd continues to produce music more similar to his old music, because that stuff there was genius.

Check out Down Low here:


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