I truly heard some great music last week, and I can’t wait to share it with my readers. I even think it was harder to come to a conclusion of the 5 best songs I heard last week, than it was for the week before. But time to cut the small talk, let’s go straight into it.

Once again, I will post the links to the songs so you can listen to them.


hoodrich pablo

If you read my first post on this blog, then you’d know I’m a big Hoodrich Pablo fan. I won’t delve into why I like him so much; you want to know, go read my first post. But this song shows why his status in Atlanta is growing bigger and bigger by the day. He first posted a teaser video for the song on his Instagram in August, but the full song and video were only uploaded last week.

What I liked about the song at first was that it actually carried on well from the snippet. So many songs have become a victim to what I like to call ‘snippet syndrome’, in which a snippet for a song will have you bopping your head, but when the full song comes out, you’re just like, ‘well, that was a disappointment’. Pablo did what he’s best at; boisterous, boastful bars delivered through a fast flow, supported by a crazy beat. I’ve noticed that about his songs; his beats are always unique. Another thing I have noticed Pablo does is his uncanny ability to fit loads of words into a bar, without it sounding like he’s rushing or forcing it. This is something that many rappers try to do, and hopelessly fail at, which is a testament to Pablo’s elite rapping ability.

Check out the song here: https://soundcloud.com/rainreaper/hoodrich-pablo-juan-we-dont-luv-em-prod-danny-wolf




Wow. Quavo really blessed us with this one. This song reminded me of 2014/15 Quavo, the period of time where I think he had just about entered his prime. I’d even go so far as to say I think this is Quavo’s best solo song of 2017 (when I say solo, I mean just Quavo, not *artist* ft Quavo).

Quavo’s voice sounds comfortable on most beats, but I think it sounds the best over a Zaytoven beat. He has probably the most distinctive beats in the game; you know a Zaytoven beat as soon as you hear it. But as for this song, Quavo really manipulates the beat, and raps over it in a way only he can. The second verse especially was impressive, where he harmonises soulfully, whilst continuing with his A1 adlibs. It took a lot of rap fans up til 2016 to fully appreciate Quavo and his talents (I don’t know why it took this long), and this song he displays those talents so well. The second verse is almost like a chant; the echo of his voice surrounded the room when I played this on my speakers. He’s at a point now where he can actually do no wrong, as he sits firmly at the top of the game, and when he’s releasing songs like this, you can’t even wonder why.

Check it out: https://soundcloud.com/conner-herlehy/quavo-stars-in-the-ceiling




This song should’ve been on the album. It was an unreleased ‘B-side’ from his album, ‘The Drum Chord Theory’. I liked that album a LOT, but this song is so great, that I think it deserved a place on it. Firstly, it’s produced by Kaytranada, one of the most talented men in music, period. And secondly, it’s woozy and wavey sound would have fit perfectly into the album. But, I can’t complain too much. It’s more music at the end of the day!

I like Matt Martians a lot, not only because of his decision to bite the bullet and release a solo venture, outside of  the group he was a founder of, the Internet, but also, because of his sound. He produces high quality music, which tends to sound either really funky or quite trippy and spacey. This song kind of re-introduced me to the man, because his album came out quite a few months ago, and if I am being honest, I hadn’t listened to him for some time. But this song reminded me of why I put his albums high on my list of ‘Top Albums of 2017’. His songs don’t necessarily consist of long-winded, boring verses; on the contrary, the verses in his songs tend to be short and sweet. I actually prefer that sometimes, because a great beat can really be ruined by a below-par verse. He is not guilty of either of these however, and this song is especially not. This is a short song, but he managed to pack in a lot of quality into those 2 minutes and 25 seconds. Like I said before, this song is consistent with his (what I like to call) ‘trippy and spacey’ sound, and just comes together so well. It’s always nice to see artists follow up their albums with more good music, and Matt Martians has definitely done this here.

Check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/mattmartians/28-prod-kaytranada-badbadnotgood-unreleased-b-side-from-drum-chord-theory




I can’t lie; when I first saw the title of the song, I laughed quite loud because it made no sense to me. But then I played the song, and the smile on my face quickly turned to a grimace. By now, we should all be familiar with Offset, but not many people know of Young Nudy. Yes, he is 21 Savage’s cousin, but he is also one of the hottest upcoming artists in Atlanta right now. This song right here is nuts.

The beat firstly, is so good that it is almost eerie. The song starts perfectly; Offset comes straight into the hook, using his trademark flow and setting the tone for the song perfectly. After hearing how hard Offset’s hook was, and then his verse straight after, I was worried as to how Young Nudy was going to come in. Offset had already spun the song so wickedly, that I thought any verse that came after would just pale in comparison. Oh, how I was wrong. Nudy’s verse started off a bit slow, but it quickly gathered pace in the middle of the verse. As you can probably tell from this post, and my other posts in fact, I love boastful lyrics. I love lyrics where the rapper is flexing on others, and Nudy’s verse is no different. He had a slower flow in the song than Offset’s, and I think this actually made the song better, because if he had come into the song using the same rapid flow Offset is known for using, their verses would’ve sounded too similar, which would have really destroyed the song. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case, and as a result, we have a banger on our hands.

Check it out: https://soundcloud.com/user-708588663/young-nudy-cancer-stick-no


1. POST MALONE FT 21 SAVAGE – ROCKSTAR 3b554e4d2555965a6fd80c1ef919c19a.1000x1000x1

What a song. I wasn’t too sure about how these two would go together on a track; I didn’t think 21’s trademark lazy flow would be cohesive with Post Malone’s harmonious vocals. Because of the type of beat the song had, I didn’t expect to Post Malone came into the song the way he did. We all know Malone is famed for his ability to sing and rap on a beat almost simultaneously, but I wasn’t sure if the beat would suit this sort of flow. Fortunately, like I have been with a couple of songs this week, my preconceptions were wrong. His trademark flow fit the beat perfectly, but what happened next spun me even further.

Now, if you listened to Issa Album, you would have realised that 21 has been incorporating a bit of singing and harmonisation into some of his songs recently. Whether this is because Amber Rose has entered his life or not, I don’t know, but we are definitely seeing a softer side to the man behind the knife. This song continued this trend, as we saw him picking up where Malone left off. Critics have said that 21’s expansion of his vocal range has sounded ‘forced’, but I couldn’t disagree anymore. I feel like he should have been doing this from the start, as it has uncovered a new dimension to his songs. That is what we see in this track, as he takes the song by the scruff of its neck, and makes it his own. If it had been the 21 Savage of late 2015/early 2016, he probably would’ve rapped monotonously, and ended up killing the flow of the song. But, there is a new 21 Savage, and this is evident from this song.

This is a great track from top to bottom, and I definitely recommend that you listen.

Check it out: https://soundcloud.com/postmalone/rockstar-feat-21-savage


Thanks for reading.