Wow, September is really flying by. It’s been a really great month for music, and last week was no different. Today, I’ll write about the 5 best songs I heard last week, and why they were so good.

And yes, before you ask, I will put the links below the songs.




Where has this guy been? He hadn’t dropped a song for around a year, and then he comes out with this. I had almost forgotten what he sounded like, and now, after hearing this song, it’s like he never left.

XXYYXX has the unique quality of sounding like a bunch of rappers rolled up into one, and if you listen to this song, you’ll understand why. At one point, I honestly thought I was listening to Partynextdoor. I know artists hate being compared to other artists, but I’m sorry, he really took PND’s flow, and then actually improved it. This was one of the better songs I heard over the week; it’s the sort of song I imagine you’d listen to during a late night drive. The song has a sort of futuristic and chilled vibe, and I love it.

As for Mr XXYYXX, it’s been way too long, drop some new music, please and thanks.

Check I Don’t here:




Jhene Aiko shocked her fans when she dropped her surprise album, Trip, last week. The album brought a new side of Jhene Aiko that had not previously been seen; psychedelic r&b, which contained cloudy beats and synthy riffs. This song was one of the standout songs of the album, and helped me understand the hype around the album.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Jhene Aiko for her talents, and the songs of hers which I have listened to in the past have all been good, but I have never considered myself a Jhene Aiko fan. But the reviews I was seeing on Twitter and other sites about this album made me download it instantly. I was quietly impressed about the album, and then it got to track 7 and I was blown away. I’ve always said Swae Lee is one of the talented artists in the game; his voice is like no other, and he can really make a song sound 5x better, even just by providing the hook. In fact, Swae Lee > Beyonce; yeah, I said it. You put Swae Lee and Jhene Aiko on a track together, and what do you get? Fantastic music.

The intertwining of their voices and the mellow feel to the song helped the song fit together really well, and it was just so easy on the ear. This is a really good song, and deserves a listen.

Sorry guys, you must have Apple Music or Spotify to listen to this song. Don’t be a cheapskate; pay for it.




This is the first track I’ve heard from Sash, and I was kicking myself that I hadn’t found him earlier. As great as Soundcloud is, you get a lot of songs from little known artists where they just sound too similar to artists like Uzi or Yachty, but this guy is different from that batch.

The first thing I noticed about the song was how catchy the hook was. ‘I been ballin ever since, Mama told me I’m the prince’ was stuck in my head for the whole day after I listened to the tune for the first time. Artists, especially underground artists, have this tendency of trying to do way too much on the hook, but Sash knew to keep it short and sweet. It’s more likely to stay in our heads if he keeps it concise, rather than trying to fit a psalm into one short hook. Another thing I noticed about the song was the expertise he showed with autotune. It is easy to go overboard with autotune, and before you know it, your whole song just sounds like you’re some sort of robot.

I feel the best way to use autotune is where there is an underlying usage of autotune (by underlying, I mean where you can hear the autotune, but you’re still able to decipher the lyrics and the artist’s voice) and Sash did this perfectly. I’d even go as far to say that this song reminded of a tune Nav would make, and if you know me, you know I’m a big Nav fan. I’ll definitely be looking out for new releases from Sash in the future!

Check Prince out here:




Nessly didn’t need to go in on us like this tbh. This song showed a new Nessly, a Nessly I don’t think any of us have heard before. Why didn’t he hook up with TM88 earlier, if he’s providing him with such fire beats like this one? I know this was a freestyle, but it was so fire, that I had to put it in my top five for the week.

Firstly, let’s talk about Nessly’s flow in the song. He switched up the flow so aggressively mid verse, I had to wheel the song. And then he switched it up AGAIN at the end of the freestyle. If I’m being honest, it took me about 10 minutes to finish the song; I kept on wheeling it back again and again and again. Now, let’s talk about the beat. Most people know TM88 as one of the top producers in the game right now, and the production of this song will exactly show you why this is so. Like, this is a top class beat. This is a top class freestyle even.

Nessly has been dropping hit after hit recently; I can’t wait for his next tape to come out. And if his new tunes continue to bang like this, then he may just claim the title of my favourite artist.

Check it out here:




And here we have it, the best song of last week, and it’s a banger. It was the best track on the Young Martha EP by a country mile, and is actually one of the best songs I’ve heard this month as a whole. We have all grown to appreciate and love Young Thug for his many talents, and he showcases these talents on this hard song.

The song reminded me of the blonde Young Thug, the Young Thug that firmly sat at the top of the pile of artists in the game. The beat perfectly suited his wild voice, and he proceeded to flex on everyone for 3 minutes and 28 seconds. I didn’t know what to expect with such a song title, but then when you hear the bars he sprayed in the hook, it all made sense. I also love how he has become legible and coherent in his songs, because all those fake Thug ‘fans’ used to try to disgrace him with that ‘mumble rapper’ title. Well there goes your argument out the window pals.

This song brought back the ignorant Thug that I had sorely missed. This man said, ‘I’m rich, I don’t gotta vote’, and you are trying to tell me he isn’t the goat? Thank you for this banger, Thugga.

P.S a liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger, just in case you didn’t know.

Check out Liger here:


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