If I’m being perfectly honest, this was a difficult post to make. Normally, I have my top 5 songs sorted by like Friday/Saturday, but I don’t know what it was about last week. Quite a lot of music dropped, but I just didn’t like a lot of it. These songs are special though, and definitely deserve their place in my top 5.




Before you ask, the reason why I put Zaytoven as the cover for this song is because the song was a part of Zaytoven’s latest mixtape, Where Would The Game Be Without Me 2.

This song starts off with the typical Uzi swagger and adlibs that we all have grown to know and love. People may try to complain about Uzi’s excessive adlib usage, but come on, by now, you should know adlibs are his forte. What we’re not going to do today however, is lie and say this song isn’t a banger. Uzi always goes stupid on Zaytoven beats, and this song is no different.

This has actually been his year, and even after his great album, Luv is Rage 2, he continues to provide us with quality music.

Check out A Lot here: https://soundcloud.com/zaytovenbeatz/alot




This was one of the better mixtapes of the week, and actually one of the best UK tapes I’ve heard for a bit. AJ Tracey’s ability to spit unrelentingly on any sort of beat is uncanny, and is a reason as to why he is one of the stars of UK grime right now.

It was difficult trying to think what my favourite song off the tape was, because I honestly loved every track. It was a short tape (only 8 songs), but it was 27 mins of pure fire. Honestly speaking, I could’ve chosen at least 2/3 other songs as one of my top songs for this week, but I went for Tour Team because the smoothness of the beat, and also, the cohesion between him and 67 on the track. When I saw who was featuring on the track, I expected a pumping, hard hitting beat with pure reck being spat, but this song had such a clean and smooth feel to it. LD never disappoints on a hook, Dimzy goes in as usual, and Monkey came in flexing as per usual too.

Check out Tour Team here: https://soundcloud.com/aboialii/aj-tracey-tour-team




I’m sure a lot of you saw this guy’s picture and was confused. I’m sure you thought, ‘this guy don’t look like a rapper?’. Well, prepare to eat your words, because this song will blow your mind tbh. When I was listening to it, even I was astounded. I had heard of Rich Chigga’s name before, but I hadn’t heard any of his songs. When I saw his name name earlier, I just thought he was another Lil Uzi rip off, living off Soundcloud. I’ve never been so wrong.

When you consider this song dropped 5 days ago, and  it already has over 4.2m views on Youtube, then you can understand why you need to listen to it. Firstly, the beat is so trippy and spacey, but let’s not even focus on the beat. Let’s focus on Chigga himself. He really killed it. He actually took the piss with this one. The flow, the bars; nah this song is harddd. I wish it was longer cos I honestly think if he wanted to, he could’ve gone in on that beat for like 5 minutes.

2017 has been a crazy year; never did I think I’d be bopping my head recklessly to a song made by an Indonesian rapper, but this year has brought so many surprises.

Check out Chaos here: https://soundcloud.com/richbrian/rich-chigga-chaos


2. dvsn – P.O.V.

maxresdefault (2).jpg

A great addition to the list. Personally, I don’t follow dvsn and I wouldn’t consider myself a fan, but after hearing this, I might have to change that asap. And when I heard they have an album coming out very soon, I actually got excited. I sincerely hope this track is on the album, because I actually really like it.

Now, in one of my previous posts, I spoke about the greatness of contemporary r&b music, and I can see why so many people put dvsn towards the top of the current strain of r&b artists. I went to listen to more of their lesser known songs after hearing this, and I was greatly impressed. Everybody’s heard In Too Deep, but I wanted to hear the lowkey bangers too, and boy, do they have a lot. This song sits firmly with those bangers too. The harmonising is A1, and the production of the beat is great too. The song has a mixture of a hard hitting beat, and soft and slow vocals, which go together perfectly to provide this hit. October 13th, Morning After, I can’t wait.

Check P.O.V. here: https://soundcloud.com/dvsndvsn/pov



Sabrina Claudio

Just when I thought this song couldn’t get any better, she went and put 6lack on the remix. And yeah, once again, I was wrong. I think I just need to stop making these pre-judgements, because I’m always wrong. She actually made a perfect song, perfecter. Yep, I said perfecter.

If you haven’t checked out Belong to You already, then open the Soundcloud app right now and listen to it. That was probably one of the songs of the summer, and now with this remix, she’s got one of the songs of autumn/winter. 6lack is one of the most talented artists in the game, and he was the perfect addition to this song. Their harmonising during the song was so perfect; there’s such a calming vibe to this song, you’ll love it.

And oh, these two are touring together, so hopefully they’ll come to the UK.

Check out the remix here: https://soundcloud.com/sabrina-claudio/belong-to-you-feat-6lack-remix


Thanks for reading!