October needs to relax, because it’s really zooming past. Already this month, we’ve seen Gucci Mane dropping another one of his almost monthly albums (which I was very disappointed with), and we saw two truly great R&B albums released last week, in Sonder Son and Morning After. I was actually going to be different, and make my list a top 10 this week because I honestly found it so hard picking my favourite song from those albums, but unfortunately, that won’t be happening.

So as usual, here are my top 5 songs from last week.




Hood rappers speak their realest stuff on tracks when it’s about women, and Biz does no different here. C Biz really has another hit with this one. Whether you rate his lyrical ability or not, you can’t even deny that C Biz has a crazy ability at making hits. Since the buzz for The Game is Mine died down, less attention has been paid on Biz’s music, and more on his legal troubles, but I think that is unjustified. If you listen to some of the tracks he has brought out since then, such as Make Me Sick, then you’ll see that he hasn’t deteriorated as an artist at all.

This track is part of his surprise mixtape which he brought out last week, titled (wouldn’t you know it), The Game is Mine. One thing that annoyed me about the tape was that he had already released a couple of the tracks that are on it, so it wasn’t all new music. But this track was one of the new tracks, and was definitely the best one for me. We all know Biz’s bread and butter is his catchy flow, and he really took the p*ss with it on this beat. He was flowing effortlessly on the beat; it was almost too easy for him. He came with the flexing as usual, but he also raps about his woman being down for him, even through the legal rubbish he has been through.  The song has the smoothest beat, and is just simply a very, very good song.

Check out Right with You here: https://soundcloud.com/cbiz_er/right-with-you?in=cbiz_er/sets/the-game-is-mine-mixtape


4. dvsn – KEEP CALM

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Now, I added another dvsn to my top 5 last week, P.O.V., but I think this song is even better than that one. As I said before, dvsn brought out a great last week in Morning After, and I struggled to choose what my favourite song was. A part of me wanted to choose Think About Me; another part wanted to choose Nuh Time/Tek Time. Why did I choose Keep Calm then, you ask? Well, read on and I’ll tell you.

Every song on the album had me bopping my head, but listening to Keep Calm left me like this:

I can’t believe I didn’t take dvsn’s music in sooner; I actually feel stupid. This was such a good album, and this song was something else. The vocals on the song were top notch, and I don’t know why, but it kinda reminded me of a gospel song. Maybe this made it resonate better in my head, I don’t know. All I know is that this is a great song, and you should definitely go and listen.

Listen to Keep Calm here: https://soundcloud.com/dvsndvsn/keep-calm  (you better have Soundcloud Go)



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Have you ever listened to a song, and liked it from the first second of the song? The beat hadn’t even dropped properly, and I was just nodding my head like ‘yep, this is gonna be a banger’. The cloudy vibe to the song perfectly goes with his downtempo vocals, and makes the song so easy on the ear.

I hadn’t heard of Sloan Evans previously until I saw this song reposted onto my Soundcloud feed, and after listening to this, I went to go and listen to the rest of his new mixtape, MIA. You need to go and check that out ASAP. And guess what? He’s from Toronto too. I don’t know what’s in that Toronto water, but honestly, those guys make hits in their sleep. The song has such a woozy and hazy feel to it; it almost gives me the feel of a 2014 Travis Scott. But it gets even better. He’s got bars too. He alternates between singing and rapping regularly on the track, but he was actually going in. Why can every Toronto artist sing and rap? After hearing his mixtape, and this song in particular, I think Sloan Evans is going to go very far in this music game.

Check out Fallback here: https://soundcloud.com/sloanevans/fallback-1




This song is rude. Like bare rude. Future and Young Thug on one track is already a recipe for a banger, but then you add Chris Brown to the equation? Yeah, this is truly a crazy song. I’m not Chris Brown’s biggest fan, but his resume speaks for itself. And in Future and Young Thug, I think you have two of the best artists about right now, period.

I’ve seen a couple people saying on Twitter, ‘when are Future and Young Thug gonna drop a mixtape together?’. First of all, when pigs fly. But if we were in an alternate universe and that was to happen, I’d want this to be one of the main singles off it. I had high expectations for the song before I played it because of the calibre of artists on it, but it even exceeded my expectations. Future starts the song in a way only he can; fast and hard hitting. I honestly don’t know of many rappers, if any, that can go in harder on a trap beat than Future. Then Chris Brown comes in looking like a devil, but he maintained the flow of the song so well. But the highlight of the song for me is Young Thug’s verse. Maybe he channelled all the frustration from Jerrika outing him on the mains into this song, because he really, really went in here.

I honestly think that here, we have one of the songs of the year.

Check out High End here: https://soundcloud.com/chris_brown/high-end-feat-future-young  (Soundcloud Go required)

 Sooooo, I just saw that Future and Thugga are dropping a tape tonight. I should delete my blog init?


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Whatever R&B album you’ve heard this year, this one is better. Brent Faiyaz’s debut album, Sonder Son, contained some of the best R&B I’ve heard this year, hands down. I listened to his previous EP, A.M Paradox earlier this year and I was greatly impressed, but he really upped his game here. But the song I have played again and again and again off Sonder Son is Gang Over Luv, and when you listen to it, you’ll understand.

He really tells a story on this track. He describes cutting class and just wilding out with his friends when he was younger, and its effects on his early adult life. But the underlying motto of the song is about being young and not having a care in the world. I think what made the song so good, besides obviously the acoustics, was how real it was. I wasn’t the same sort of student he was, but I could still relate to the story he was telling on the track, and a song that has this effect must be a very good one. The song made me miss being a youngster and having no responsibilities; not having to worry about jobs, money etc. There’s a reason why this song is the most played song off his mixtape on Soundcloud, and honestly, if you don’t listen to any other song I talk about on this post, make sure you listen to this one.

Found out some disturbing news couple days ago too; Brent Faiyaz is only 22, and producing this timeless music. I’m 21, and I haven’t even washed the plates in the sink.

Check out Gang over Luv here: https://soundcloud.com/brentfaiyaz/gang-over-luv?in=brentfaiyaz/sets/sonder-son-1


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