I reckon this has been one of the best weeks for music, since I started writing about the ‘songs of the week’. I know I say most weeks that loads of great music came out in the previous week, but this week was honestly the hardest list to make. We all know Young Thug and Future dropped their album last week, but I couldn’t put all 13 songs on here, because that’s not fair. I had a shortlist of like 10 songs to choose from, so you have my word that these 5 songs are the cream of the crop.

Starting from number 5:




Undoubtedly, the backlog and video to this song contributes to how good it is. If you didn’t already know, Dolph was shot multiple times a month ago in LA, but all of his injuries were life threatening. If you watch the video to this song, you will see it is set in the hospital in which he was treated in. The imagery of him being discharged from the hospital and having his arm in a cast and sling shows how close he was to death. But don’t let that distract you from this song. This is a banger.

For those who listen to Young Dolph, you’ll know he is very bodacious and loves to flaunt his lifestyle. But I think he is actually one of the most underrated rappers out right now; I mean, have you heard this man’s adlibs? They’re insane. But this song in particular really impressed me, because of how real his bars were. Yes, he was flexing, but he was also speaking the realness too. Dolph is actually one of the few trap artists with lyrical ability, and this song is just another example of this.

Check out Believe Me here: https://soundcloud.com/youngdolphofficial/believe-me



super slimey.png

Initially, when I first listened to Super Slimey, I thought Mink Flow was the best song on the tape. However, after listening to it time and time again, this song grew on me, and actually became my favourite song on the tape.

From the beat, to the hook, to the chemistry between both artists on the track; I loved this song from the start to the end. I especially like the part towards the end of the song where both artists’ voices intertwined and came together to sing the hook. If there is anybody that thinks that Young Thug and Future are not the best out of Atlanta right now (besides Migos), I think this song will change your mind. I don’t even know who spun who on this song, because they both went in so hard.

Super Slimey as a whole was a good tape, and this song definitely stands out as one of the better songs of the tape

Check out All da Smoke here: https://soundcloud.com/futureisnow/all-da-smoke-1     (must have SoundCloud Go)




I don’t know what Jeremih’s problem is. We all know how talented he is, and he has a knack for making hits. But it’s like he decides to come and go every 2 years. If I’m being honest, this is the first song I have heard this year with Jeremih in it. But he didn’t disappoint.

This isn’t Jeremih’s song though. This is Stwo’s song, an electronic music DJ and producer. Most people know him because of his success within the electronic music scene, but what most people may not know is that he is affiliated with Drake’s OVO label. He has production credits on Weston Road Flows and works with OVO’s producer, 40. When you hear this song, you’ll understand why he is rubbing shoulders with these sort of artists and producers. He provides such a smooth beat, which really gives off a real late night vibe. Don’t expect to hear this song in a club or anything; this song is better suited to more intimate times with you and your other half.

Jeremih sounds so suave on the track, and he is backed up by this mellow beat.

Check out Neither Do I here: https://soundcloud.com/stwosc/neither-do-i-feat-jeremih




I don’t think it’s possible to listen to this song, and keep your head still. From what I have heard of Knucks, he has one of the smoothest flows in the UK. He flows on beats effortlessly, and also makes it sounds like he’s not even trying.  What I also like is his witty use of metaphors; some bars have even made me chuckle.

But this song here is probably my favourite song of his so far. I need to find out who produced this beat, cos that beat switch in the middle was very rude. He even switched up the beat again at the end. Knucks again showed why he is one of the most promising acts within the UK, because he really had fun on this beat. He flowed expertly as usual, and backed this up with a catchy hook. I think this song has the potential of proper blowing up; it has all the ingredients to become an instant hit. This song definitely deserves its place at number 2.

Check out Used To here: https://soundcloud.com/knucks/knucks-used-to




These two on a track? The song had already made my top 5, before I had even listened to it. I don’t really listen to Sampha’s music, but I can appreciate his undeniable talent, and Syd has just one of the greatest voices I’ve heard. This song lived up to its hype; in fact, it even exceeded it.

The video kinda confused me when I watched it. Why were all the lyrics written on pieces of invisible tape? That didn’t stop me from trying to sing along to Syd’s parts, and ending up sounding like a drowned cat. There was no way I would have tried to sing along to Sampha; that dude’s voice is way too unique. Seriously though, this song is fantastic. It has such a simple beat, like the sort of beat I’m sure was made in 5-10 minutes. But the way these two graced the beat was amazing. We all know how talented each individual is, but I wasn’t sure how their voices would sound together on a song, because of their contrasting pitches. After listening to it, I wondered how I could even doubt how good the song was going to be. It’s just so smooth and easy on the ear; make sure you check this one out.

Check out the video to Show Love here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=164&v=jtwzymbS1D0

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