So Offset and 21 Savage spun the music game even further earlier this week, when they released their Without Warning tape, produced by Metro Boomin, literally without any warning. My ears had already been spoiled enough in this October with the collab album of Young Thug and Future and the other bangers that had dropped, but I think that Without Warning honestly tops the lot.

I’ve always been a fan of 21 Savage, and it was so nice to see him receive wider appreciation and recognition after the release of his album, Issa Album. This album showed a different side to 21; a more melodic and lyrical 21. I know everyone wants 21 to fit the mold for the stereotypical trap rapper so badly; meaningless, repetitive lyrics. And don’t get me wrong, 21 can say some real ignorant stuff, but listen to tracks such as Nothin New, and you’ll understand he is cut from a different cloth. I think the traumatic experiences he has been through in his life are what makes his music so real to some. Watch his first Breakfast Club interview, and you’ll hear and see; this guy is in pain inside. Watching that made me appreciate him as an artist, and after hearing Issa Album, I grew to like him even more. And then this album dropped.

I don’t need to go into Offset and his abilities, because if you know me, you know I’ve been saying Offset was the best Migo. I just don’t know why it took everyone this long to realise. In fact, Offset’s star is so big right now, that I would argue that he has replaced Quavo as the ‘star’ of the group. Every artist wants an Offset feature; I don’t know why though, because he spins every artist on their own track.

I wish Takeoff would branch out and release more solo music, or maybe even release a collab venture like this one, because if he chose the correct rapper to go with, like Offset did, he might even top this one.

When I saw the announcement for the tape, I was worried for 21. As much as I like his music, Offset is a superior rapper. His flows and bars is almost unmatched within trap music, and I thought he was gonna wash 21 on 80% of the tracks. But how wrong was I? 21 and Offset went back and forth, bar for bar on this album. It was like Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole. Of course, Offset spun 21 on some tracks i.e Mad Stalkers, but 21 spun him too, on Ghostface Killers for example.

The chemistry between the artists on the tape was crazy, and the beats were stupid as usual. Metro Boomin has gone so clear in this producing game, and these two definitely did his beats justice. I mean, look how smoothly the beat transitioned from ‘My Choppa Hate N*****’ into ‘Nightmare’; I almost thought it was the same song.

I need to make a special mention to track 3 though. Ric Flair Drip. From just seeing the song title alone, I already loved it, because Ric Flair was one of my wrestling idols whilst growing up. His swagger and style was unmatched, and Offset really showed some of that same swagger on this track. I won’t go into too much detail about the track, as it will most definitely be part of my top 5 tracks for next week, but yeah that track is fire.

After hearing Super Slimey, I didn’t think we’d hear a collab album that could top it for some time, so for it to be topped literally the week after it came out is a testament to how good Without Warning is. Now, all we need is that Huncho x Cactus Jack, and 2017 will be topped off as one of the better years of music in the last 5-10 years.