I don’t know why, but it felt like no music dropped last week. From when this list contains two songs from the same artist, you can tell that I didn’t exactly have an endless talent pool to pick from. Nonetheless, these are still 5 quality songs, and they deserve their place as part of my songs of the week.




This song made me even more excited for when Drip Season 4 finally drops. I had seen the snippets for this song beforehand, and I eagerly anticipated its release.

Gunna flowed like he typically does over this smooth beat.The aesthetics for the video are also very good, which makes for a nice change, as I previously did not really like Gunna’s videos. It’s a short song, but the hook is so catchy, that I found myself going around my house singing the hook constantly. It’s the sort of song that sticks in your head instantly, as does most of his music.

I was left a bit disappointed after hearing the full song, because I feel like it didn’t fully live up to the hype that the snippet made for it, but it is still a good song, and deserves its place at number 5.

Check out Rich Bitch here: https://soundcloud.com/60gunnaysl/gunna-rich-bitch-prod-richie-souf




Here is the first of two TYuS songs I have added to my songs of the week. It was really racking my brain when choosing which song should go ahead of the other, but I think I made the right decision. Most people know TYuS to be one of Canada’s better known underground R&B artists, and he shows his ability in this song.

This slow song will definitely put some of you soft guys in your feelings. TYuS shows off his impressive vocal range here, and this makes for a good song. If there’s one thing about contemporary R&B I don’t like, it is that a lot of artists sound similar; TYuS’ voice and music is generally within his own lane, and that is why he is seen as one of the best out of Canada right now.

Check out My Heart here: https://soundcloud.com/txyxuxs/tyus-my-heart




Migos are hit making machines, and they’ve got another one with this one (with, of course, the help of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B). I was unsure about how good the song would be, because I’m not a fan of Cardi B’s music, and the verses Nicki Minaj has been dropping on features have been so weak. But they both did themselves justice here, and helped conjure up this banger with Migos.

I think too much attention is being paid to Nicki and Cardi B’s verses. There were 5 verses on the song, why should everyone be getting excited about only the feature verses? Personally, I think Nicki Minaj spun Cardi B sideways on the track; I was even shocked to see that people actually thought otherwise. But if we’re talking about the track as a whole, Quavo wins it for me. I thought Takeoff at first, but I think with the quality of the hook, and his verse also, Quavo had the best feature on the track. This is a testament to how good  the track was; if no one can agree on what the best verse was, surely that means that everybody went in?

This song will probably be one of the singles of Migos’ ‘upcoming’ album, Culture 2. Note I put upcoming in inverted commas; I still don’t think they’re gonna drop it tbh.

The beat, produced by Murda Beatz, is nuts; it’s almost hypnotic. We’ve got a banger here.

Check out Motorsport here: https://soundcloud.com/migosatl/motor-sport




TYuS’ second feature on this list, and a deserved number 2. For him to release two top quality tracks within one week shows how talented he is.

I definitely preferred this song to My Heart, because of the greater production and better vocals he showed on this track. It’s so easy on the ear, and fits the profile of a new age R&B tune. This is another song for you softies out there, so you better add this to your playlists.

It has quite an atmospheric vibe, and the beat has a really ebbing and woozy feel to it. His EP, Phases, dropped earlier today, so you should definitely go and check that out!

Listen to 2SoulsIntertwine here: https://soundcloud.com/txyxuxs/tyus-2soulsintertwine




Jay Critch is not like these other rappers. If you haven’t listened to this guy already, you need to fix up. He’s one of the most exciting prospects out of New York, and has a real knack for making hits. He collabs here with his label’s founder, Rich the Kid, and they both come together to make this banger.

We must all know Rich the Kid now. I remember listening to him years ago and wondering if he was ever going to break out of Migos’ shadow. Not only has he broke out of their shadow, he fully has his own shadow now. Rich is one of the benefactors of the Soundcloud generation, and his music has blown up to massive heights in the past 2 years; he just co-headlined a world tour with Future, which included a date at London’s O2 Arena.

This song was so different to Jay Critch and Rich the Kid’s previous collabs. I don’t think I have heard Jay Critch use autotune like this before, and it made for a very pleasant change. I don’t think he needs it, but it sounded very good on the track. I also heard some differences in Rich’s verse too; as much as I rate him, sometimes his bars and flow can be really repetitive, but he switched it up here.

This song stands out to me definitely as one of their better collabs (nothing will ever top their tune, VVS, though).

If you haven’t already, please go check out these two’s Breakfast interview with Snoochie Shy; it’s actually hilarious.

Listen to Fashion here: https://soundcloud.com/jaycritch/fashion-ft-rich-the-kid-prod-captaincrunch


Thanks for reading!