This week, I’m going to contradict myself wildly. A couple weeks ago, I said I would never put two songs from one tape in one ‘songs of the week’. But then Without Warning dropped. To be honest, I could have filled this whole top 5 using songs just from that, but that’s a stretch. Last week was a good week for music, and a lot of good music dropped, so it was hard for me to wittle down my list to 5. But then again, I’m a genius, so here goes.




Can’t lie, I didn’t like this EP. The fact that half of it had already been released before didn’t help, and then, the new tunes weren’t even all that. The tune with Lil B is so crap, but wow, this tune actually kind of made up for the other poor songs on the EP. This song as a whole is actually crazy.

ASAP Rocky, who possesses one of, if not the best, flows in hip hop (in my opinion), starts off the song so perfectly. The beat to the song has that typical Skepta feel to it, and I wasn’t sure whether the ASAP Mob members would be able to go in. Well, everyone in the song completely spun this beat.

From first listen, I thought ASAP Rocky definitely spun everyone, but then after listening again, I’ve proper grown to love Skepta’s verse. Like I have said before; you know a song is great when your favourite verse constantly changes, and this song is definitely guilty of this.

Check out Ghost Ride here:




This is a real chilled and relaxing song. I only came across this guy’s music through 88rising on Youtube (they’re the plug btw, check them out), and thank God I did. He brought out an EP last week titled ‘In Tongues’, and it’s very good. This song stands out to me as the best song on the tape for me though.

The song has both a sombre and upbeat feel to it. The artist’s vocals make the song sound sad, whilst the beat stops you from crying to his voice. From what else I have heard from this artist, his songs all have a very downbeat and slow tempo to them, but his great vocals always do the beat great justice, which it does again here.

Check out Windows here:



maxresdefault (1).jpg

Offset is a prick for this one. Why did he spin the beat like this? 2017 has actually been Offset’s year; I can’t think of any song he has jumped on that he hasn’t spun. But this song may the top the lot of the singles Offset has released this year.

Ric Flair was one of my favourite guys when I was growing up, and Offset did him due diligence here. The swagger and arrogance Offset waved around in this track was unmatched by another other solo song on the album, and is why I have ranked this as one of my songs of the week. I was so conflicted when choosing what my top 2 from this album was, because it literally fell down to this song, Disrespectful, Mad Stalkers, Rap Saved Me and Darth Vader. When I said I could fill the top 5 with just Without Warning tunes, I was not lying.

When choosing my two favourite songs, I was then faced with the issue of which of those was better than the other. I think what made me choose the other song over this one was because it contained both artists (I tried to be as fair as possible).

Check out Ric Flair Drip here:


2. 88GLAM – 12


You should definitely watch out for these two in 2018. Toronto has kept up its record of providing quality music artists with these two artists, who make up the group, 88Glam. One of them, Derek Wise, sounds like a greazier PND, and the other one, 88 Camino, sounds like a mix of like 5 different singers and rappers.

They released their debut EP a couple days ago, but this tune was brought out last week. It definitely set the tone for the EP, cos the whole of it banged. But this tune in particular? Wow. Everything about it bangs, and it gripped my attention instantly.

One thing I have grown to love in the last year is when artists come in and out of each other’s verses constantly; there’s no real structure to the song, and it sounds so free flowing and fluid. The song has a bit of an eerie feel to it, but the boastful bars of each rapper keep the mood of the song to a good level of ‘gassed’.

Check out 12 here:



maxresdefault (1)

After my first listen of the album, this song did not make my top 3. I think it’s cos I was so gassed over Ric Flair Drip and a couple other songs that were towards the beginning of the tape, that I kind of didn’t listen to the later songs properly. To fix this, I listened to the tape backwards, and this song left me like: Image result for jay z timbaland gif

I felt stupid for not deeping it at first. I ended up wheeling the tune about 4 times, and I was actually mesmerised. 

The dark and gloomy sound of the song made it stick in my head after my next couple listens. And then. Offset’s verse. Just pure class. His bars, the flow; it was impeccable. 21’s feature was so gruesome too, and it really topped off the song and the tape well. Nah, what a song. What a tape even.

Check out Darth Vader here:

Thanks for reading!