Award shows are so trash now. It’s the same people being nominated for the same awards every time; it’s almost no wonder they’re not held in the same regard that they used to be. Winning a Grammy in 2017 isn’t as big as winning a Grammy in 2007. I deeped the levels from when Chance the Rapper, an artist who won 3 Grammys, couldn’t even sell out the Friday of Wireless Festival.

I honestly just don’t think that these awards matter as much as they used to, and it’s all the companies faults. Artists are winning awards just for their name. How the hell did Eminem win that MTV EMA Award please? He hasn’t released an album since 2013; in fact, all he has done in 2017 is rap on the BET cypher, and release that tune with Beyonce. No disrespect to Eminem’s legacy and legendary status, but come on now. That’s a slap in the face to the other nominees; Kendrick released DAMN, which went 2x Platinum in 3 MONTHS. But because Eminem decided to come out the shadows this year, he should be awarded the Best Hip Hop Act. Not on my watch.

Award shows also need to be more inclusive. 2 Chainz released one of the best albums this year, but I can bet on anything that you won’t see him getting nominated for ‘Best Album’ at any big time awards show. All the ‘experts’ say that is because of the lack of marketability of trap music. That argument was valid til about 1 million years ago. We don’t even need to go through the list of trap songs which have swept the world, and topped charts in the past year or so. So, if it isn’t how well they sell, then what is it? Can’t say that it’s because they’re not good enough. Donald Glover said Bad and Boujee was the best song ever, whilst hordes of white people cheered and applauded him. So then what is it? Maybe it’s just the stubbornness that is rife within the music game right now.

And then there’s the corporations. BET banned Chief Keef from performing at the 2013 BET Awards, and then, tried to jump on his wave again this year. Showing him love on twitter, playing his music and all sorts. I don’t really care for Chief Keef’s music anymore, but the way they acted was just symbolic of the way these corporations act. Kick you when you’re down (Chief Keef was having several legal problems when he was banned from the show in 2013), and try to ride your wave when you’re up. It’s no wonder rappers always complain about the industry