DJ Akademiks is a funny guy man. I remember watching his videos back in 2014, thinking that ‘rah this guy is his own lane’. Him and Kollege Kidd were the first two YouTubers I saw who were doing videos basically on all the going ons within hip hop, but his videos were different, because he was actually speaking in them, rather than Kollege Kidd. But fast forward now to 2017, Akademiks has become like a poison.

He’s the exact type of guy who is promoting all this coonery and dumbfoolery that is rife amongst these new age rappers. You can post a video of you swallowing 85 Xanax pills in one go, and guaranteed Akademiks will post you on his YouTube/Twitter. Now, you might think that’s not a problem, but it is. 

Drug culture has become so entrenched and intertwined with the web that is hip hop music, that it’s become more of a shock when a rapper comes out and states he doesn’t do drugs or drink, rather than if he was to say he does. And Akademiks is one of the reasons for this. From his videos of ‘Chicago savages’ til this day, he has promoted stupidity and bad things onto his audience, and it’s definitely not going to have a good effect.

The Everyday Struggle show he does with Joe Budden is so good, because it’s actually exposed Akademiks for the idiot he is. Don’t get me wrong, he still makes me laugh, but this guy’s view of the game is so warped. Whether if it’s him begging that random Takeshi Castle 68 guy, or his love affair with Boonk, he just comes off as a real corny guy.

I think the clip that’s been going viral recently of Joe Budden laying into him about giving these ignorant rappers unneeded exposure really banged the nail upon the head, though. I was nodding my head with so much aggression to all of Budden’s points, because it was something that really needed to be said. Vic Mensa kinda exposed Akademiks, but Budden really destroyed him this time.

I’m admittedly an ignorant rap fan, but some of the guys Akademiks promotes actually just make noise. Why please? He reminds me of them nerdy guys who comment on UK drill songs on YouTube, debating about who’s the most on job rapper in London, except he has been given a platform.

But yeah, funny guy man.