As the year slowly draws to a close, the quality of music has improved week by week. Last week saw some very impressive drops, and I was almost spoilt for choice when making this list. But, you can catch the final 5 below:




Che is back with this soulful banger. I spoke about his music some posts back, and saying he was someone who should be on everyone’s radar. This song brought out a side of Che I had never heard before, though.

The falsetto and vocal range he showed in the song blew me away. I was looking at my phone like, woah! I knew he had a great voice, but not everyone can do falsetto, and even a less amount of artists can do it well. But Che really did his thing here.

He’s had a very impressive 2017, and he showed how broad his musical range can be in this song. Hopefully, he releases another album soon, because that Buries tape was fire.

Check out Thii here:




I didn’t use to like Roy Woods’ music. I can’t put my finger on why exactly, but it just didn’t sound correct in my ears. I liked the song he released years ago with Drake, but that was about it. This song made me think that maybe I was wrong.

I loved the simple sound of the song. He wasn’t trying to do too much on the track, and his harmonising with the beat was really good. I found out soon after listening to this track, that he had just released an album titled ‘Say Less’. If the album continues off this single, then maybe I just need to reconsider my position on his music.

Check out Say Less here:




Kap G has come a looong way. I remember when I first heard him on that ‘Tatted Like Amigos’ tune with Chief Keef in like 2012, and always skipping his verse. Not because it was bad or anything, but just because I had only clicked on the tune to hear Chief Keef’s verse. Fast forward 5 years from then, he’s featuring on the XXL Freshman List, and he’s one of the hottest artists in the game. He released a 3 song EP titled Mood last week, and this song stood out to me as the standout song.

You should know by now that Gunna is one of my favourite artists, along with Lil Uzi. So seeing these two on a track was always going to catch my attention. But the song was actually better than I first expected it to be. Although I can appreciate Kap G’s rise to the top, I’m not going to lie and say I’m a fan of his music. I don’t not like it; I just don’t listen to it. I thought I’d give him a chance and listen to the EP, and I was impressed. Uzi and Gunna provided a very solid hook, and the verses were all good. What’s great about the song is that it features 3 rappers who are very big on melody and harmony, and regularly use their voices as almost another instrument, to go along with the beat. 3 melodic rappers on one song may not always sound good, but this song was definitely a good one.

Check out Marvelous Day here:




This is the first I’m coming across Ye Ali’s music, and yeah, straight into my Soundcloud following he goes. I know I say a lot that ‘this song was very smooth’, but nah, this is literally one of the cleanest sounding songs I’ve heard this year.

His spacey and distant voice over the soft beat was almost trance-like. I honestly wish this song was longer, because wow. He really done a madness here. The late night vibes here are real; you really shouldn’t listen to this song before 10pm. He just dropped something with K Camp not too long ago, and he has an EP titled ‘Passion & Patience’, so be sure to check him out.

Check out All the Time here:




Yeah, what a track. I don’t listen to drill anymore really, but this song was actually 10/10. I heard the snippet earlier last week, and I was looking forward to the full song coming out. Well, it was released on Sunday, and it made my whole day.

The beat is literally crazy. His flow over the beat. The bars. The hook. Nah this song is actually 10/10. The Argos and Narcos bars actually left my mouth open. Even though I don’t listen to drill like that anymore, I am in tune with most of Headie One’s releases. What I have noticed about him, and what makes him one of the best rappers in this drill game, is his witty metaphoric bars, and also, his great use of melodies and harmonisation; the way he used to say ‘juju’ always used to gas me.

But back to the song. The football references spun me too. I think in the last year, from the drill songs I have heard, the production of the songs has greatly improved. Not just the production of the beat and the song, but for videos too. The video to this song is very decent too, and the visuals improve the sound of the song.

Listen to this, and enjoy.

Check out Golden Boot here:


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