This is a more personal post; I thought it was about time.

All I write about here is music, but I’ve never actually spoken about myself. I didn’t want my blog to be generic, or ordinary, so I thought ‘nah, I can’t go on about myself, cos really and truly, who cares?’. But earlier last week, I had a change of heart, and thought that I needed to do this post.

Really and truly, 2017 has been one of the best years of my life. It’s had its ups, and it’s had its downs, but all in all, I’ve loved this year. I turned 21, I graduated, I met my girlfriend, I made money, new friends, I started this blog, I started writing for GUAP Magazine… the list kind of goes on. But most importantly, 2017 was the year when my eyes fully opened.

I graduated from the University of Hull with a 2:2 in Politics and International Relations. That sentence is enough to deter most employers, but it’s something I live with. 3rd year was an eye opener, because it really made me realise that rah, I’m actually going out into the real world. My life is actually starting. I wish I had had these thoughts in 1st and 2nd year, because I really just coasted through those years.  I was under the foolish notion, that ‘if I mess up now, I can always make up for it in later years’. That’s not how the game works. I messed up in 1st and 2nd year, and ended up being one of the few people on my course to get a 2:2. On the day of my graduation, there was a booklet with everyone’s names and grades in it, and it felt like my name was in block capitals, whilst everyone else’s was in lower case; OLADIMEJI LAYIWOLA – 2:2. If I ever needed an eye opener, it was that. But, I was scared that it was too late. I had graduated and my life had begun. I was flung into the deep end.

3 months ago, if you had asked me what I was planning to do with my life, I wouldn’t have been able to give a straight answer, honestly. I had convinced myself that I wanted to enter insurance or finance, but this writing stuff really looks like it is going to open doors for me. I love writing, and more importantly, I love music, so I thought, I need people to know my ideas. I had always had music debates with my friends, but I felt like that wasn’t enough. I just had so many ideas and thoughts on the music game, that I felt like without setting up this blog, my voice would never be heard.

After setting up this blog, I fell deeper in love with writing. I thought, ‘wow, I could actually make something of myself doing this’. I applied for GUAP Magazine, which if you didn’t know, is the world’s first video magazine. I applied for the role of hip hop writer, cos I thought that was my forte, and I had a real axe to grind. Eventually, I did get in, and the short time I’ve been writing for GUAP has been a real blessing. From the start, my eye have been opened even wider to the potential within the music industry; from writers, to artists, to interns. Writing for GUAP made me not want to work in anything else other than music, and I still feel that right now as I write this. I want to write about music. I want to listen and find new artists everyday. I want to interview artists, the underground ones and the stars. I’d say I’m on my way there, as I’ve got two interviews under my belt now; I interviewed Millie Go Lightly two weeks ago, and I just interviewed one of my favourite artists in the world, Alexandria, last week.

Although I’m just getting started in this writing stuff, I feel like I have potential to achieve great things. The way I feel now is such a stark contrast to how I felt 3 months ago, or even 6 months ago, when I was up to my head in deadlines and dissertation work. I remember being in the university library every day in the week before my dissertation due date, thinking ‘this is not life’. Like, I cannot come and kill myself for this dissertation, about a topic that I honestly will never need to talk about ever again. I’m happier now than I have been for some time.

Anyway, this post is beginning to sound a bit waffle-y and generic, but just thought I would talk about myself a bit. Moral of the story is, I love music, and I’m gonna make it in this industry one day.