Blac Youngsta should be ashamed of himself. That video of him dancing on the table at Epic Records, and looking like one overgrown baby when he was sitting on the table had me shaking my head. I’m sure that as he was dancing, all some of those staff members were seeing was:

Image result for sambo dancing gif

I don’t want to sound like a killjoy or anything, but the video of him dancing on the table just brought back memories of Bobby Shmurda. Remember that video when he was singing his verse on Computers for the Epic Records staff, including LA Reid (I think)? The video in itself at the time was funny, and I was happy for him, because it looked like he had got a multi million dollar deal that he deserved. Fast forward 6 months from that video. He gets arrested on multiple gun charges, with a $2m bail fee set. Epic could’ve bailed him out, but they didn’t. LA Reid said it was because they didn’t have the money for it, but I think we all know why. Bobby Shmurda was left to the dogs in prison, and is still rotting in there as we speak.

Blac Youngsta isn’t someone who is a true advocate and obeyer of the law. Just back in May this year, he got arrested on connections with the Young Dolph shooting. That case is still pending, by the way, so he isn’t even fully out the doghouse yet. It’s a good thing to see black men taking themselves out of difficult situations, and doing well for themselves. Signing a record deal with a label like Epic is impressive for anyone, and I think Blac Youngsta deserves it, because despite his comedic character, he can actually make good music. But it’d be a shame, but not a surprise, if that case, or any new case caught up to him. And I’m sure Epic would take the same stance that they took with Bobby Shmurda, with Blac Youngsta, who doesn’t have a hit that even touches the success of Hot Nigga.

It’s like these rappers see the money, and just close their eyes to everything else. Obviously, I don’t know the ins and outs of the music industry; I don’t know how these record label deals work, and I’m only talking from what I see and read. But it looks like these record labels, that tend to be owned by these old, white men who don’t give a flying toss about the everyday issues that minorities, especially black people, face, just see black artists as cash cows, and that’s all. Pump the artists for money, make them sign these 360 deals, where their revenue streams are being swallowed by the labels that they work for, and when times get rough, ditch them. My eyes were only opened recently, as to why artists like to stay independent for as long as possible.

I just hope and pray Blac Youngsta doesn’t turn into a statistic like Bobby Shmurda did, because he seems ignorant enough to do something that could mess up his career, or land him in jail, and if that happens, then I’m afraid it’s curtains for him.