I feel like this month is gonna shake the whole landscape of music. As in, I feel like a tape is going to drop that will spin everyone. Whether that’s Quavo and Travis Scott’s tape, or something else, is still yet to be found out. The music that came out last week was a good start for December though; find my top 5 songs for the week below.




I’m surprised Yung Bans hasn’t taken off properly yet. I feel like his music is still very underground, and when he’s releasing songs like this, it confuses to me as why. This song was probably my favourite of the EP he just dropped, Yung Bans Vol 2. It’s short, but sweet.

The bass in the beat will catch you off guard, but the guitar being played adds to the waviness of the beat. He rides the beat so well; I wish the song wasn’t so short. I really felt like he could’ve ran on that beat for like 2 more verses, but we don’t always get what we want. Despite the hard hitting beat, I found this song to be very chill, and it definitely was one of my bangers of the week.

Listen to Out here: https://soundcloud.com/yungiceybeats/yung-bans-out-prod-yung-icey




Soon as this album was announced, I knew it wasn’t going to be great. I was right. I can listen to Big Sean on features, but an album where he is the main artist? No thanks. However, this song definitely had my head rocking. It seems like if you want a good intro on a tape, Travis Scott is now the go-to feature artist.

I struggle to think of how Metro can top himself as a producer now. Since 2013, he has been providing some of the craziest beats ever heard in this rap game, and it doesn’t seem like he’s letting up anytime soon; that’s 4 collab tapes he has dropped this year. Big Sean and Travis Scott do this crazy beat justice in this banger.

Big Sean did well on the track, but for me, Travis’ hook spins him so wildly. I don’t know how you can have two verses, and still get spun by the hook, but Big Sean manages to do that here. But taking nothing away from his two solid verses, this is a good song, and I enjoyed listening to it, unlike most of the rest of the tape.

Listen to Go Legend here: https://soundcloud.com/yungiceybeats/yung-bans-out-prod-yung-icey




Quality Control’s first tape as a label was very solid. I didn’t expect there to be so many tracks, and I kinda cringed at the idea of having to deep every song and decide what I thought the best song on the tape would be. But as soon as I heard this one, even though it’s only track two, I knew it was going to be in my top 5.

I was disappointed not to hear Takeoff on the intro to the tape, because Quavo, Offset and Lil Yachty really done a madness there. I feel like the beat to the intro was almost crying out for a Takeoff verse, but he definitely redeemed himself in Pop Sh*t.

Takeoff shows why he’s known as the flow God of Migos here. He flowed impeccably on his verse and hook, but to be honest, we should all know not to ever doubt him to spin his verse. Offset’s aggressive and cutthroat swagger with his bars and flow is evident as always, and Quavo flexes like only he can in his verse. This is one of their best songs as a trio that they’ve released this year, and it shows why they’re the best rap group out right now.

Check out Pop Sh*t here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7VLS_CSXgQ



maxresdefault (4).jpg

Ravyn Lenae is 18 years old. EIGHTEEN. Her music library shows an ability that far exceeds her age and timespan in the music game. I don’t think I’ve heard one bad song from her so far, and there isn’t a lot of people I can say that about. Saying that, I proper loved this song.

This track will serve as a single for her upcoming tape, Crush, which is set to come out in January. Her playful voice, and the funky beat, make for a real fun song. When you have someone like Steve Lacy producing your tracks, you have to have some sort of extreme talent, and it’s clear Ravyn Lenae does. This song, and most of her songs, are unlike most contemporary R&B music that is out right now, and it firmly puts her in her own lane.

This is going high up in my R&B hits of the year.

Check out Sticky here: https://soundcloud.com/ravynlenaesounds/sticky



Quavo’s progression as an artist in the past 3 years is unmatched. Even though I think 2017 has been the year of Offset, I still think Quavo is still the hottest commodity in rap right now. A Quavo feature still holds more value than any other of Migos, in my opinion. When you hear this, you’ll understand why.

When people discuss the strengths of each individual in Migos, they normally say, ‘Takeoff is the king of flow, Offset has the bars, and Quavo has the style’. I think on this track, Quavo showed he can do it all. He has the flow, he has the bars, and he most definitely has the style. This was definitely my favourite track off the Quality Control tape, because it had such a different sound to any of the other tracks on the tape. It sounded like the song you play after you’ve handed in an assignment, or after you’ve achieved something; it has such a triumphant vibe and feel to it.

I don’t think there’s anyone else who could have killed this beat like Quavo did, and it definitely stood out to me as the best song of the week.

P.S Quavo produced the beat too.

Check out Hellcat here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OYFfe2v1TM



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