It’s 2018, and I’m changing up this blog. Whereas before I was doing songs of the week every week, I’ve decided that has run its course. I enjoyed writing about it, but sometimes it grew to be a bit tedious, and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did before.

Now, with the new year, I’ve decided to do a 10 part weekly ‘ones to watch’ piece on someone I think is going to be doing bits this year. It’ll be once a week, but hopefully I will shine a light on some artists who don’t have that much attention surrounding them yet. 5 of the artists I cover will be from the US, the other 5 from the UK.

The first artist I will cover is:



Not gonna lie, I only started listening to Lil Baby in like November. When I saw his name for the first time, I was like ‘really? Another Lil *insert name*?’

The first song I heard of his was My Dawg, and I can’t lie, I didn’t like it. Too much autotune, and the harmonies weren’t really there. But I thought, nah, lemme give him a chance. I downloaded his Perfect Timing tape and listened to it from start to end. What I heard changed my mind massively. Considering this tape was the first of any music he had ever recorded or released, then you can really appreciate how good the tape is.

Can you imagine? Spending 2 years in federal prison, then coming out and dropping 3 mixtapes in one year, having never stepped in the booth before? That’s an achievement that no one can deny him. And it’s one thing to be releasing some any random average music, but Lil Baby’s music is actually good. Listen to Harder than Hard tape, and you’ll see what I mean. Aside from his biggest hit, My Dawg, you’ve also got songs like My Drip and Large; a real quality mixtape. Being on QC also would have helped him, as he had artists such as Migos and Lil Yachty around him to coach him and help his career take off.

And to top off his great 2017, he released Too Hard in December 2017. Even though Harder than Hard is my favourite tape of his, this tape contains two of my favourite songs of his so far, in Money Forever, and All of a Sudden.

Some people may listen to his music and just think, ‘typical Atlanta trap music, all about guns, drugs, women, cars’ etc, but we should all know that woke rap isn’t my forte. If you’re someone who can flow and ride a beat well, and know how to make hit songs, then I am going to like your music, and that is exactly what Lil Baby does.

The first song I would tell anyone to listen to from him would be his Freestyle, which has amassed 15m views on YouTube, because that is really fire. Other songs of his have got millions of views, and it’s clear to see that he has firmly been placed as one of the newest stars to come out of Atlanta.