Here are my problems with the UK music scene

So much talent, but so much repetition and copycatting. There isn’t enough originality, and it is so annoying. Rapping over the same beats, using the same flows, just making the same songs. I know people could say the exact same thing about the US scene, but this post is particularly about UK music. I’m British, so by default I care more about the UK music scene.

It just seems so fake. Fake friendships, fake love and fake artists.

Why do so many UK rappers adulate and emulate the US music scene so much? For some odd reason, Drake is seen as almost the ‘big brother’ of the UK scene, and when he shouts out someone from Britain, it’s treated more than any ordinary cosign. I get it; Drake is still the hottest rapper around right now, and being shouted out by him is definitely an achievement in and of itself. But don’t lose your self respect and dignity and literally bend over backwards for the don? An OVO cosign is an enviable feat, but you can go big and mainstream without the help of Drake, or other American rappers. I think when Chip crossed over to the US, and made tunes with Chris Brown and Meek Mill etc., it showed the UK scene that ‘rah, I can blow in the US too’. Obviously it did not work out the best way it could have for Chip (in regards to his entrance into the US scene), but he done all this without an American cosign. Yes, it is harder now because of how the two scenes are less polarised, but I personally, would find it more impressive for British artists to blow up on their own accord.

I think the UK music scene is too set in its ways. And because of this, I think there’s so much untapped talent that the UK scene is either not ready for, or just haven’t got their chance. There have been so many artists who have emerged in recent years i.e Lancey Foux, Kojey Radical, who have produced quality music that has been DIFFERENT from the norm. And yes, at the start, it was all rosy; they weren’t necessarily getting plays on the mainstream radios, but they were getting urban and underground airplay, and they were most definitely causing heads to turn in the industry. But now, it’s almost as if their stars have fizzled out, and that’s such a shame. Because of this fizzling out, you see artists trying to expand their portfolio by, for example, relocating somewhere else, or changing their sound to suit a different crowd, and more times than not, that doesn’t work. Why does this happen? You have artists who make GOOD music, that is different from the typical ‘afro-swing/drill/grime’ sound that takes up 80% of the UK scene now, but they aren’t received well.

I honestly hope that the scene changes up this year, because for me, it’s starting to stagnate. Yes, 2017 was a massive year for the UK scene, as you had artists like Stormzy and J Hus releasing their debut studio albums, and then we saw the emergence of stars like Yxng Bane and Not3s. But beyond these mainstream stars, there is a huge problem. On one side, you have drill artists, who, despite a very distinct few, mostly sound the same, and then you have grime/hip hop stars on the other side, most of which’s times have either passed, or are about to pass. The scene needs to freshen up with some new sounds and new stars, and all the tools are already there. The underground scene is literally brimming to the max full of people who could shut down the scene, with artists/groups like House of Pharaohs, Rayf, and so many more. But it’s down to the fans to get their heads out of their asses, and actually give other artists a chance.

2018 can be a better year than 2017, but it’s just down to us.

P.S not one to be a hater, but I can’t believe you lot let that Barking song blow up.