Last week, I wrote about Lil Baby, and how I think he is one to watch out for this year. The next person I think everyone should be on the look out for is a New York artist, who goes by the name of Aftertheparty.


I don’t know a lot about the character that is aftertheparty, but his talent definitely speaks for itself. If you’ve come across his Soundcloud, you’ll notice that he uses a lot of random pics for his artwork (kinda like I used to do for my blog). That actually helps widen his mysterious persona, and lets the fans wonder who he is more (artists such as H.E.R. have done similar).

I feel like his music is a unique mixture of dark  and melancholic R&B with elements of trap, and steers him into a lane that is becoming increasingly wider as of recent years, with the emergence of artists such as Ye Ali, for example. But I think aftertheparty is a class above other people within that lane, and he definitely has the underground scene buzzing. I reckon 2018 may be the year that he blows up though.

He has dropped 88 tracks on his Soundcloud, with his songs getting hundreds of thousands of views, and he has over 16k followers, so the material and the fanbase is there. But more times than not, underground artists actually like to stay underground and enigmatic, so maybe he won’t want his career to blow up. We’ll just have to wait and see.

He sings over and produces his own beats, which is something I am greatly fond of, and you can just tell that he has an insane talent. The production of his beats is really top quality, and his cloudy vibe really helps you feel the track more.

Why I think he is one to watch out for is because, like I said earlier, with the emergence of mysterious, enigmatic artists in recent times, artists do not necessarily need to have a superstar personality or charisma anymore to get people to listen to their music. You don’t need to have Beyonce charisma to get heard; if you make good music, people will take you in eventually. And when you couple that with the fact that we are in a digital generation, specifically a Soundcloud generation, with so many different artists blowing up off there, I think he could be the next one up. He’s got all the qualities to blow, so do not be surprised if you hear about aftertheparty a lot in 2018!