An artist I have came to learn more about towards the back end of last year/ beginning of this year, this guy is good. It’s only a matter of time until he blows up, and I think, provided his legal issues are sorted out, this year could be the year.

Yung Bans


Within current rap culture, fans are big on authenticity. Everybody likes rappers to be about what they talk about in their raps, which is actually really bad, when you think about it. It’s like ‘you said you shot 10 guys, so go kill that guy to prove you’re about it’. I think this is something that has benefited Yung Bans in a way that he wouldn’t have even wanted, or set out for.

He’s currently on house arrest, and has been since he was 15 (he’s 18 now), for a murder and burglary charge. With this being consistent with the themes of some of his songs, I’m sure this has helped him create more of a buzz, just like it did with Tay K, and other rappers. But of all these new age of rappers who are currently serving time for crimes they’ve committed, I think Yung Bans is going to be the one to blow up the most, especially due to the fact he’s only on house arrest.

First of all, his work rate is there. He has dropped three EPs, Yung Bans vols 1-3, all within the last two months. Despite this flooding of music, it seems as that his music has got better by each release; I’ve noticed that he has been trying to implement more melody within his music, which has made the quality of his songs much better. Within these EPs, you have songs that have blown up in the underground scene, such as Lonely.

Being on house arrest for such a serious charge is definitely going to be a detriment to his short career, and I hope his career can move forward IF he beats the case. But, even with these legal issues, he’s got cosigns from many established artists within the game, received millions of views on YouTube, and has received attention from the blogs in the past couple months.

It’s just a matter of time until Yung Bans’ career takes off, and I think it will be this year.