Music moves at 10000mph. It’s so easy to get left behind, even when you’re at the top, and these artists can tell you that it isn’t hard to make music that will forever stay relevant. Below, I’ve listed 5 artists whose careers have stagnated/ended, and who I hope will make a comeback in the future.

Young Scooter


Honestly speaking, Young Scooter didn’t live up to the hype and expectation that his early career promised. Back in around 2013, he was one of the hottest artists in Atlanta, and releasing hit songs like Work and Colombia. Fast forward to 2018, and his buzz has died out substantially; I feel like everyone who listens to Young Scooter now are people who have always listened to him, rather than new fans jumping on him, which sums up how his career has stagnated. He just dropped his latest album, Trippple Cross, last week, but I guarantee you didn’t see any promotion or hype from it on your social media channels, and it’s a real shame, because Young Scooter was meant to be the one.

His brand of trap music, even to this day, is different to any other trap artist I’ve listened to, and is a reason why everyone was on him a couple years back. Also, to this day, I still think he has the best adlibs in the game (listen to Future – Special if you don’t agree with me). But now, it’s almost as if he has enjoyed his under-the-radar status a bit too much, and he doesn’t even want to reach the heights he should have. That’s fine, but you can’t help but think it’s a bit of a shame. Did you guys listen to Street Lottery 1 and 2? That was some new level music, and deserving of more plaudits, but hey ho, fame isn’t for everyone.

It could also be that his unique flow doesn’t have as much of a place within the current Atlanta scene as it once did. His slow and lyrical flow doesn’t fit with the melodic, harmonious style that is rife within the US right now, and maybe that’s why people aren’t checking for him anymore. I don’t think his vocal range is capable of including melody, so I respect him for staying true to his roots, and continuing his sound. But, in general terms, is this formula still working to this day? Maybe not as much.



RetcH, or Retchy P, is another forgotten artist who once showed signs of setting the game on fire. The first mixtape I heard of his was Delinquents and Degenerates, which featured some true bangers, and I was really feeling it. And then he followed up that mixtape with Polo Sporting Goods, which had some good features in Action Bronson, Ab Soul etc, but then that was it. Polo Sporting Goods wasn’t even great in itself, and it was disappointing to see his music fall off the radar after his constant legal troubles.

Delinquents and Degenerates came out in 2012, whilst Polo Sporting Goods was released in 2013. But since 2014, the majority of exposure I’ve seen RetcH hasn’t been because of his music; it’s been because of him doing some wild stuff in public.


Remember this video? Yes, that was RetcH.

It’s almost as if he became more of a meme than a rapper. And add that to his legal troubles, and being in and out of jail for the past couple years, and you’ve got a wasted talent. Somebody who truly didn’t live up their potential, and it’s a shame, because now nobody’s really checking for his once great music. I tried to listen to his new stuff sometime last year, and yeah, it just wasn’t there for me anymore.

Yung Gleesh


Here’s the artist I’ve probably listened to the least out of this short list, but someone whose music I grew to appreciate. From Water to Trappin Benny, Yung Gleesh has given us some truly memorable hits.

But who is really listening to Yung Gleesh in 2018? Besides his verse on Telephone Calls by ASAP Mob last year, I haven’t heard or seen his music being promoted properly. It always baffled me why someone like him was less appreciated than someone like Lil B, whose hype I have never truly understood.

I liked some of his collabs and singles, but I would have never called myself a Yung Gleesh fan; maybe admirer is a better term. But I  knew enough about him and his music to be able to draw the conclusion that it doesn’t have the same pulling power it did. His brand of music was always divisive, but it seems as if the seesaw has completely tipped out of his favour in recent years.

OJ da Juiceman

hqdefault (1)

From my least favourite artist in the list, to my favourite, and here we have one of the legends of the Atlanta trap scene. Mr 6 rings like a basketball playeurgh. His music is not for everyone at all, and admittedly, I didn’t like his music at first, but after watching interviews and pieces about him, his character is so funny to me that I naturally warmed up to his music. What most people have forgotten about Juiceman was that he featured in the XXL Freshman list back in 2010, an achievement he shared with artists like Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa. From 2009-2011, he truly stood out as one of Atlanta’s biggest artists, (what other trap artist has a song with Mariah Carey?) but in the last 5 years, he has been in and out of the loop with the scene, and truly never lived up to his potential.

One thing no one can take away from Juiceman is how many hit records he has. It seems like of the 1293842834 mixtapes he has released in his career, at least one song from each tape has popped off (not necessarily commercially). But I think what OJ is really famous for are his freestyles, especially Gucci Mane’s Hood Affairs freestyle from like back in 2008. The way he came in that freestyle was hilarious; so reckless and he didn’t even care about if he rhymed at all, but it just summed up his whole style; raw and unfiltered.

Unfortunately, similarly to Young Scooter, I feel like he couldn’t form a balance between the street and the industry, and because of this, despite his work rate never faltering, his quality of music declined, and he came off a lot of people’s radars. He did drop a song with Ralo last year, which shows he can at least try and keep up to date with the new artists, but if I’m being honest, that song was crap. OJ da Juiceman will forever be a legend, but nobody’s checking for him anymore sadly.

P.S Early Morning Trappin is a special song, and you should check it out.

Rich Homie Quan


It still boggles my mind why Rich Homie Quan still isn’t one of the biggest artists around. He had the formula down to a tee; knew how to make hits, had a massive cosign (in Birdman), released successful solo and collaborative projects, and wasn’t really getting into legal trouble like that, so I don’t see why he just completely fell off the radar.

Look back 2-3 years ago when him and Young Thug were at the prime of their collaborative powers, and now look at present day, and where each artist’s career is; Young Thug is at the top of the game, whilst Rich Homie has literally had to follow his latest mixtape title, and go ‘Back to Basics’.

His melodic style would fit perfectly into modern day music, and no one can take away his ability to make hits, so I don’t have a clue where it went wrong. It’s like after the Rich Gang albums, he couldn’t hold up his own career by himself. Yes, he had that Flex Ooh song, but compare how many hit songs he was dropping at the peak of his powers, to how many he has dropped in the last 2 years. It just doesn’t match up. I feel like because of how frequently Atlanta spits out artists, it’s very easy to get caught in the conveyor belt, and get left behind. Just ask Trinidad James or OG Maco. But Rich Homie was making better music than both of these artists, so I don’t see why we are mentioning him in the same light as those two now, but that is the case.

The dreams of him and Thug collabing again are basically dead and gone, so hopefully Rich Homie can back with his own individual and original style, and provide us with the hits that made him blow up all those years ago.