I haven’t been on job with this series, in terms of frequency. It’s been a busy couple weeks, but back to it; the next artist/group I feel like should be on everyone’s radar in 2018 is Sonder.


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Brent Faiyaz blew everyone, me included, away in 2017, with his album, Sonder Son. It was classic R&B with a modern twist, that was just so easy on the ear, and flowed together so well. However, what a lot of people surprisingly don’t know is that Brent is also part of a 3 man group, called Sonder, and these guys are GOOD. Brent Faiyaz serves as the lead singer, backed up by the production of the two other members of the group, Atu and Dpat.

Their latest release, One Night Only, displays their overall musical style perfectly; slow, vibesy music, that is just so fluid and great to listen to. With a scene that is changing so drastically every year, in R&B, it is important for there still to be artists/groups whose music stays true to its roots, without trying too hard to be ‘experimental’ or ‘alternative’, and that is exactly what Sonder are. The light and slow production behind their songs help you to appreciate the vocals of Faiyaz even further, as they perfectly complement his immense harmonising skills. The trio are a match made in heaven.

As a collective, they have only released one album; the brilliant Into, which was released last year. Tracks that stuck out to me the most from that project were Searchin and Baldwin Park, especially the latter, which reminded me of music you’d hear in a random jazz cafe somewhere in London. Simple, down-tempo R&B at its finest.

R&B duos and trios are coming back into mainstream popularity, with the success of groups such as dvsn, so Sonder are definitely within a zone and area in which they can flourish. Their music is obviously good enough; it’s just an issue of exposure. As said earlier, despite the popularity of Brent Faiyaz, not many people know about Sonder, but hopefully, this will change in 2018.