That whole Tupac/Lil Xan fiasco last week or whenever it was, was a disgrace, on both ends. On Lil Xan’s end, to show such a blatant ignorance for the legacy of one of the true legends of hip hop was very distasteful, but on Tupac’s end, regarding his fans, they also showed a level of bullying, that I feel like is consistent with the treatment of other new age rappers.

Yes, what Lil Xan said wasn’t right. To demote Tupac’s music to boring is a bit of a slap in the face, but please understand that it is not by force to like or rock with Tupac’s music. One thing I have noticed is that if you ever speak ill of any artist who has unfortunately passed i.e Tupac, Aaliyah etc, you are instantly gobbled up and heckled by groups of 90 music ultras. Yes, you should always be respectful to these artists’ crafts, and acknowledge the great successes, (and in Tupac’s case), the cultural impact their music had. But, that doesn’t mean you HAVE to like the music. That doesn’t mean by force, you must now listen to Tupac’s music, just because society dictates you to. You are allowed not to like it, but I just think the manner in which Lil Xan tried to give his opinion on the music was completely insensitive.

I saw people who have jumped to the defence of Lil Xan have been stating that because of his age, (he was born 7 days before Tupac died)  he could not fully appreciate Tupac’s music. I do understand that point of view, but it is so flawed, because you don’t have to be born in or before September 1996 to understand who Tupac Shakur really was. Stop giving these new artists’ excuses for being ignorant, because you are helping perpetuate this mindset that ‘new rappers don’t know or care about hip hop’, and are also contributing to the problem.

But on the other hand, like I said before, it is not by force to like anyone’s music, dead or alive. If you want to rate Tupac’s music 2 out of 10, you are well within your rights to do that. You can acknowledge the impact someone has, without necessarily liking what they have done. But ultimately, it all boils down to context and tone. If Lil Xan had a more respectful demeanour to the question about Tupac, I can guarantee that he would not be getting half the hate he is receiving right now. But now, because of how he said, you have cringeballs like Michael Rapaport fogging up their phone front cameras, just chatting crap and spouting drivel, coming to the rescue. Why do obscure, random actors always feel like they have to come to the rescue? Just stay in your lane. I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Lil Xan, because this will affect his career in some shape or form, as he has literally been blackballed by at least 60% of the industry. Just because of one stupid mistake he made. It’s a shame.

But then again, I don’t, because his music is crap, and he seems to be the latest of the long line of Caucasian rappers who have profited off a black art form, without paying the correct homage to the pioneers of said art form. Moreover, if Lil Xan decided to quit music tomorrow, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid, because he would just be the latest casualty of the ravenous monster that is, old head hip hop fans.

Hip hop isn’t dead, guys.