London has a buzzing R&B scene, and gems have been just coming out of the woodwork more and more. She’s been making music for a couple years, and has turned a couple heads, but not to the level that her talent deserves. The next artist I will cover is:




I actually only heard about Marie Dahlstrom this year, when I came across her Nine EP, and I was blown away. Considering she recorded this EP by herself in her home, the end product was outstanding, and it motivated me to listen to the rest of her music.

I would describe her sound as a neo-soul/jazz blend; I know some people will assume that, ‘she just probably sounds like the rest’, but when you listen to her, you’ll hear how she is firmly within her own lane. What stuck out to me more than anything on the Nine tape was the production, provided by Moo Latte; her instrumental selection was top notch, and complemented her visuals perfectly.

She can do jazz, she can do soul, she can even bring it back to the 90s like she did in her 0.0 EP; she can truly do it all. She has been quite quiet this year, so I hope she’s whipping up some magic in the studio, because she really set herself a HIGH standard with Nine.