When people talk about who the best rappers out of the UK are, you hear the same names being put forward normally i.e J Hus, Stormzy etc. But there’s someone who I feel like is unfairly not mentioned in this discussion, and that is


If 2018 isn’t the year people stop sleeping on Jesse James Solomon, I’ll eat my shoes. This guy’s talent is off the charts, and he actually has all the attributes required to become a massive deal within the scene.

His latest project, Strata (his first EP in 3 years), was pure artistry. It was only 20 minutes, but he packed more into those 20 minutes that many artists have packed into their last two tapes.

I feel like what has held him back beyond anything though, is how sporadic his releases are. Like I said, Strata was his first solo tape release in 3 years, which is not enough for somebody who wants to enter that echelon of artists that sit on top of the UK game. But maybe, that’s not what he wants. An interview I did with dxvl last year opened my eyes to a particular concept; underground artists don’t necessarily want to enter the mainstream, they’re literally just creating their own art, and if people like it, then perfect. I think that’s what his thought process is.

But back to Jesse James; he’s truly one of the gems of London’s scene, and I see him rising to astronomic heights very soon.