Hi. Long time. This is my 50th post too!

I almost forgot about this series, because I’ve been running up and down everywhere, like a madman. I’ve got a job now too, so trying to balance all this stuff has been a struggle, but I’m back. My next addition to this series is none other than Yung Bleu.


I first heard of him earlier this year, through a friend, and I kept on stalling with actually sitting down and listening to him. Eventually, I managed to force myself down and listen to his tape, Investments 5, and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a brand of music that has placed him into an echelon which I will further explain later.

Because of his name, and me wrongly assuming he was from Atlanta before, I was expecting typical savage, abrasive type music, but what I heard was rhythmic, flowing ballads, coupled with an actual good singing voice. Like, listen to Ice on My Baby and Uzi Vert, and try tell me that this guy is not talented.

After listening to Investments 5, I was greatly impressed, but not completely blown away. I liked most songs, but it wasn’t a tape that truly stuck with me. It was his following release, Bleu Vandross, that really did it for me, and made me put him on this list. I knew from Investments 5 that Bleu had the vocals, but Bleu Vandross had me pondering whether this was the second coming of Michael Jackson. I mean, in a short tape of just 5 songs, he delivered two 9/10 songs, in No Wedding Ring, and Nympho (Nympho is better than your favourite rapper’s best song btw).

Listening to Bleu Vandross just got me thinking like, ‘wow, this new new brand of artists that are coming out of America’s trenches are so talented’. They share their pain through their words, but they’re combining this with vocals that aren’t reminiscent of typical rappers, and it sounds so damn good. I’m talking about artists like Yung Bleu (obviously), YNW Melly, Roddy Ricch etc. With harmonies and melodies being so key in today’s rap music climate, these young rappers are thriving and making hits upon hits, but we’re still not taking them in properly yet. Maybe it takes Drake to post a vid listening to one of their tunes for people to finally open their ears up, and then proclaim, ‘yUnG bLeU iS sO uNdErRaTeD’.

But yeah guys, take Yung Bleu in.