The next addition to my series is someone who isn’t necessarily a new artist, but is someone whose career has been bubbling under the surface for years and is fit to explode.

This artist is Shad da God.


I was having a conversation with a friend of mine around a week ago, and he brought up a point which I initially thought was completely wild and out of pocket, but now that I think about it, he wasn’t very far off with it at all. He said Shad da God was a better artist than Lil Baby, and after banging his music relentlessly for the last 4 days, I think he just may be.

For those who know of him, Shad da God is a hugely underrated artist, who hasn’t got the recognition that he deserves. I think one thing that people don’t tend to realise about him is that he actually isn’t a baby in this Atlanta rap scene; he’s been around since the whole Rich Kidz era, and he is also a blood cousin of TI (you can see the resemblance heavy in the picture above). Coming from such a prosperous lineage, it would have almost been a disgrace if he wasn’t good at his craft, but oh wow, he is.

The current state of trap music is centred around melodies; every Tom, Dick and Harry that is coming out of the woodwork is implementing the use of autotune and melodies heavily into their music. But what people don’t know is that Shad da God was one of the originators of this! If you go back to like 2014/2015, when the domination of trap music within the mainstream started to kick in, melodies were not seen as that important, and were almost looked at in a bad light (remember the slander Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan used to get for trying to sing on their tracks). But you know who else was trying to extend trap music beyond its traditional parameters back then? Shad da God. And he didn’t get one piece of credit for it.

Fast forward to 2018 now, he has several tapes under his belt, my favourite of which was released earlier this year, in City of God. Admittedly, his flow and voice isn’t for everyone, and it even took me some time to warm to his sound, because it is very different, but I literally can’t stop playing the guy’s music. With a heavy cosign within the scene, both OG-wise (TI) and modern day (Young Thug, Gunna etc), Shad da God’s career is hopefully going to reach the heights that it deserves in a very short time.

If you want 3 songs I recommend you should listen to from him, listen to Doin Sum, Lactose and Fold.