As the year is drawing to a close, I feel as if it is would be remiss if I didn’t write another post about me on a personal level, and my year. I loved writing the ‘my year’ post last year, and I feel as if I have even more to write about this time around.

2018 has been a very mixed year. There have been some high highs, and some really low lows. When I reflect, there’s things in my life that I wish I could have paid more attention to this year, like this blog, for example. Last year, I was ON IT – I was releasing 2-3 posts a week and people were regularly tuning into my blog, but this year has not been the same. Perhaps that is due to the fact I have been working, or maybe due to a brief period of time where I almost fell out of love with writing, but it has been tough.

One thing that encouraged me to write more last year was because I had a set plan of what I wanted to write – one of my weekly posts would be ‘songs of the week’, whilst the other would be a thinkpiece or literally something that was on my mind – my decision to stop my songs of the week this year was something I do regret, so as a result, I will be picking up the series again next year. Not only did it help me to keep more on track with new music, I loved the idea of putting people onto new music constantly.

Working within a field that was the stark contrast to my career aspirations (I have been training as a Risk Analyst since August) was also something that shook me up this year. Not necessarily shook me up in a bad way, but it definitely took me out of my comfort zone. But it also gave me an excuse to neglect my creative ideas, and at times, put me into a rut where I felt as if maybe I’m not cut out to do what I wanted to do. It sounds very sad, but it’s real. That’s why I feel that people who have turned their hobby into a job are truly blessed; that’s a space I aspire to get myself into the near future.

But enough on the negatives. 2018 has had its large share of successes for me. I managed to secure a Music Business qualification, I forayed into the world of freelance A&R, and I gained something that I had yearned for during my years at university: direction. A clear path to where I wanted to be, and a set out plan about how I am going to do it. 2017 had me feeling as if I was going through the motions at times, but for the majority of this year, that was not the case. Something that I constantly used to tell myself was that 2018 was going to be my year of networking, and I’m glad that I fulfilled this promise; I have met various people this year, all within different stages of their creative lives, who I have either been able to benefit or vice versa, which is something I felt was greatly important for my future career prospects. Whether it was people who, like me, were starting from the ground and building their way up, or it was people who had enjoyed long careers within media, everyone I met and networked with was able to benefit me in some way, and I will be forever grateful for that.

Because of the way life is set up, graduates are put under such pressure to have their whole life panned out by the age of 25, which is something I foolishly used to believe. This is a reality that only proper hit me last year; a reality that really whipped my head back into the shape. I finally realised that it is ok to not have your life patterned at the age of 22, and it’s ok to not actually have a clue what you’re doing, but just continuing to bear a smile and act like you do. Everyone does it lol. If there was anything that got me through this year, it was that statement right there. Realising that I’m a lot younger than I think I am helped me to turn some of my failures from 2018 into lessons, and some of my successes into  motivation, and that’s an attitude I will be carrying into 2019.

2018 – a mixed bag of tricks, but a year I am grateful for.